► Lipofilling BBL "Brazilian Butt Filling"

Lipofilling BBL (Brazilian Butt Lifting)

Women have always had complexes about their buttocks.
Would you want to have a round, curved and muscular buttocks? We are here to make you happy and satisfied!

In last few years, there is an emergence of a body more like a Latin model with a slim waist and plump buttocks. The operations like buttock lipofilling or buttock implants may help to achieve the desired result.

However, there is a suitable procedure for all cases ...

The buttocks are quite a story! A study shows that the “ideal” buttock differs between continents. In Latin America we will tend to favor wide buttocks, in Asia too. In Europe we will move towards thinner buttocks. We will find the best shape with the patient




► Lipofilling Safe BBL Buttocks

Safe BBL is practiced in such a way that the safety of the operation is done without any danger and it is guaranteed!
Here the surgeon osculates the buttocks by ultrasonic waves to locate the venous areas, and he marks them with a target to avoid this area during the reinjection of fat.

✔️Here we inject the fat back into the buttocks by reshaping the buttocks.
✔️ Elimination of cellulite by the bursting of fat in these precise places.
✔️ Liposculpture of the hips
✔️ Liposculpture of the belly, breasts and back
✔️ Wasp waist ????
✔️ Shaped buttocks ????????????
✔️ Demarquation back and buttocks ????


► Intervention Time

The operation is performed under general anesthesia.

Type of anesthesia: general
Overnight in hospital: 1-2 night
Resumption of daily activity: 4-5 days

The surgical intervention time is approximately:

  • 2-3 hours buttock implant
  • 3-4 hours BBL buttock lipofilling
  • 4-6 hours buttock implants + BBL buttock lipofilling

Sagging skin is one of the signs of aging skin and subcutaneous structures. Over time, the skin dries out and loses elasticity due to multiple physiological reasons and external factors. J-Plasma is an innovative technology in cosmetic surgery that allows for the specific treatment of sagging skin on the body. 

What is J-Plasma? 

The J-Plasma technique is a new approach to microsurgery that corrects skin laxity by avoiding the scalpel, sutures and therefore scars. It is a real revolution in the treatment of skin laxity, which is a very frequent request today. It combines the properties of Helium gas with the efficiency of Radiofrequency energy to create a double thermal effect. The combination will create a visible retraction of the skin immediately after the end of the treatment for the purpose of remodeling, thus firming the skin. 

Am I a good candidate for this treatment? 

You are a good candidate for this treatment if you have mild to moderate sagging in certain skin areas of your body. A pre-operative assessment is performed to determine if the procedure is possible. 

The areas of sagging skin that can be treated with J-Plasma are 

- The neck and the oval of the face 

- The inner sides of the arms 

- The abdomen without an abdominal apron, especially after a pregnancy or liposuction 

- The inner sides of the thighs and knees 

The advantages of this treatment are : 

- The procedure is short in duration 

- Long-lasting and visible results immediately after the procedure 

- Minimal scars 

- The skin is treated in depth 

J-Plasma is often combined with liposuction of subcutaneous fat to reduce a double chin, a saddlebags or a protruding stomach, but this is not mandatory because there is often no fat under the skin in isolated slackening. It is only possible to remove excess skin through surgery but still leaving scars as in tummy tuck, thigh lift, arm lift, neck lift. 


The aftermath of the procedure is very simple. They are the same as after a classic liposuction, with the possibility of bruising, redness and swelling in the treated area. Wearing a girdle is highly recommended for 3 to 4 weeks. The results on the skin are visible almost immediately. At the end of the procedure, you can already see that the elasticity of the skin is better. It will take several weeks to appreciate the final result. 

This technology is easy to use and presents few risks and side effects but remains a surgical procedure. 

Various technologies offer to tighten the skin without surgery, acting externally directly on the skin: Radiofrequency, HIFU, lasers .... Results are available but are often limited and require several weeks or even several months before obtaining a definitive result.

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► Buttock Implant

The purpose of placing buttock implants is to increase the volume of the Upper portion of the buttock. Buttocks are filled by prostheses filled with silicone gel. With the increase the buttocks by buttock prosthetic, your buttock will regain a prettier shape if it is too flat or too small. Our buttock implants are strong, soft and natural. Prostheses exist in different shapes, volumes and areas. During the consultation with the surgeon, you choose the buttock implant that suits you best.


The increase in the volume of the buttocks by implants.

Correction of the contour of the buttocks:

* Buttock implants = change the volume, shape and size.
* Lipostructure of the lateral crevices = filling with your own fat.
* Liposculpture of the hips, waist and back (3 zones) = remove fat


► Choice of buttock prosthesis / Buttock implant / MENTOR

Buttock enlargement

Reinforcement or enlargement of the buttocks with implants is increasingly common in Europe. The demand has traditionally been higher in Latin America and the Caribbean, but thanks to recent corrective techniques that are showing great results, buttock augmentation with implants has in turn become more popular with us.

Choice of buttock prosthesis / Buttock implant / MENTOR

Types of buttock implants / MENTOR

We achieve the best result with round or oval implants usually placed between the muscles. You can choose the size of the implant:

* Buttock prostheses come in different sizes and volumes.
* Buttock prostheses are strong, consist of fixed gel and therefore they are safe.
* Buttock prostheses are soft and natural.

You see in the photo, a buttock prosthesis cut in the center: each implant is filled with a cohesive silicone gel. This means that the gel will not spread throughout the body if the wall of the implant tears.

The consistency of the buttock implant is somewhere between that of female breast implants, which are softer, and that of male pectoral implants, which are a bit firmer and harder to the touch.

► Guarantee of the buttock implant

Ten-year guarantee against tear of buttock prostheses.

The danger of tearing buttock prostheses is very low, as they are of a sturdy design. However, the warranty for implants excludes any damage of an external nature (eg through the insertion of a sharp object such as injection needles, or after trauma).

The guarantee implies that in the event of spontaneous rupture, the manufacturer will provide two free replacement prostheses. Academic Surgery also guarantees in this regard the free replacement operation for the buttock implants placed by us during this period.

Complications such as implant rejection or abscess formation are not covered by this warranty. We perform a new free intervention if problems arise within one year of the operation. The patient then pays only the net price of the replacement buttock prostheses.


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