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 ► Breast implants

The plastic surgeon is the best person you can choose.

The most suitable breast implant for your body type.

So, it comes in many forms.

  • Round shape
  • The anatomical shap.
 ► Breast Augmentation

This procedure is for women who find their breasts too small. It allows a feminization of the silhouette, immediately providing great satisfaction. Breast hypotrophy can exist immediately (undeveloped small breasts from puberty) or appear secondarily after pregnancy and / or weight loss, causing the breast to sag.

Here is a breast augmentation by Mentor round type implants.
This patient presented with a breast with drooping breasts.
The goal is to restore the curve on the top of the breasts and highlight this breast.
A safe bet so that she can put on a pretty neckline.
Also the incision was made by the nipples to hide the scar around.
Our surgeon was able to perform this operation with flying colors.

. MENTOR round breast implants ✔️
. Incision by nipples "no clearly visible scars" ✔️
. Decolored chest shape ✔️

 ► Adapted breast implant

Breast implants adapted to your expectations and your morphology. Today's prosthetics are made with a very cohesive silicone gel. Even if a rupture occurs, it remains compact without spreading to the breast. Silicone breast implants come in a wide variety of sizes, heights, shapes, and projections, so the surgeon can choose the one that suits their body type and expectations.



 ► The choice of implants

It will be done according to the patient's desire (rounded or natural appearance) and according to their figure. The positioning of the implant (retro glandular (above muscle implant), retro muscular (below muscle implant) or dual plane), as well as the position of the scar, will be decided. A treatment for breast ptosis can be associated, if necessary, at the same time as the operation.

 ► The intervention

It is performed under general anesthesia. Convalescence should be expected after the operation for one to two weeks. Transportation of heavy loads should be avoided for 1 month. The final appearance will be appreciated after 3 months.

 ► Breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling is done in such a way that the safety of the operation is done without any danger and is guaranteed!
Here the surgeon oscillates the poirine in order to be able to properly reshape the breast, and he marks them with a target for the correct reinjection of fat.

✔️Here we have injected fat back to the breasts by reshaping the breasts.
✔️ Liposculpture of the hips
✔️ Liposculpture of the belly, breasts and back
✔️ Wasp waist ????
✔️ Shapely breasts ????????????
✔️ Demarquation back, buttocks, hip


 ► Breast reduction

Breast enlargement correction reduces breast volume that is too large for the figure, while refocusing the breasts and elevating the areola. Breast hypertrophy can cause back pain, neck pain, as well as aesthetic and social discomfort. It can appear from puberty (juvenile hypertrophy), or on the contrary, establish gradually, with pregnancy, weight gain, menopause.

 ► Scars

Breast shaping requires scars. These will be more or less long, depending on the volume and morphology of the patient. Breast reduction helps restore harmony to the silhouette, while reducing back and shoulder pain.

 ► The intervention

The operation is performed under general anesthesia.
The surgical intervention time is approximately:
Type of anesthesia: general
Overnight in hospital: 1-2 night
Resumption of daily activity: 3 - 4 days

Duration of the operation:
. 2-3 hours for breast implants
. 2-3 hours breast lift
. 3-4 hours facelift + breast implants
. 1-2 hour breast reduction
. 2-3 hours breast lipofilling "reinjection of fat into the breasts"

 ► Breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is for all patients after a malignant breast tumor mastectomy.

 ► Steps

• Breast reconstruction

• The symmetrization of the contralateral breast.

• Reconstruction of the areolo-mammelonnaire plate


 ► Reconstruction techniques

During the consultation, the surgeon evaluates the most appropriate technique based on the condition of the skin, the presence of irradiated tissue, and the morphology of the patient. Three techniques are possible:

• Simple implant reconstruction with or without abdominal advancement flap.

• Pre-expansion of the breasts with an inflatable prosthesis, left in place for several weeks before placing the final implant.

• Reconstruction by musculocutaneous flap, when the tissues are insufficient.

 ► Symmetrization

Contralateral sinus symmetrization consists of shaping the contralateral sinus using breast reduction or lift techniques. If the volume is insufficient, breast augmentation may be indicated.

 ► The areolo-mammelonnaire plate

The reconstruction of the areola-mamelonary plate consists of the reconstruction of the nipple by graft or flap, and of the areola by tattoo.

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