► Laser Liposuction

It aims to reshape the silhouette by removing localized excess fat, which often requires diets.

  • Tummy tuck
  • Thigh and arm lift
  • Body lift
 ► 360° liposuction for all body types

This technique is generally used on the stomach, arms, hips, chest, double chin and neck.
Vaser liposuction can be performed all over the body where there are fatty deposits.
It is a technology that enables high frequency ultrasound vibrations to remove fat. The waves destroy the fat cells which will then be expelled through a Vaserou probe or small cannula.
This technique is also used in order to smooth the skin so that it adheres better to the muscles making them more visible.

The one and only combined technique that will allow you to refine the body down to the smallest detail and press on the demarcation between the pelvis and the abdomen, in order to have the V-shaped silhouette.
Also it will allow you to dig between the back and the buttocks, to have this demarquation of the curve of the buttocks and to highlight it with these shapes.
The 360 ​​° liposuction performed + the combined laser Vibrasat to eliminate all fat and destroy it so that it does not come back.
This combined technique is unique and we are the only ones to perform it

-Vaser 360 ° liposuction
-Vibrasat laser


 ► Intervention Time

The operation is performed under general anesthesia.
The surgical intervention time is approximately:
Type of anesthesia: general
Overnight in hospital: 1-2 nights
Resumption of daily activity: 4-5 days

Duration of the operation:

Liposuction 1 zones 1 hour
Liposuction 2 zones 1-2 hours
Liposuction 3 zones 2-3 hours
Complete liposuction 4-5 hours

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